Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mass at St Ambrose

The first day of our adventure in Chicago began on February 28th, at a 10:30 am Mass in the St. Ambrose Chapel. Mass was such a heartwarming experience. The community welcomed us with friendly greetings and made us feel part of their community. The Mass consisted of joyful singing, a lovely homily, and greetings from all parishioners around the Chapel. It was so wonderful to see such a happy community welcoming us into their lives. We loved singing along and praying with them today! It was wonderful getting to know everyone and learning about their culture through Mass. After Mass we were able to talk to this humble woman who told us about her experience of traveling to Antartica for National Geographic. It is so amazing to hear others stories and their views on God as well. After Mass, the crew got ready to head out to lunch for some Chicago deep dish pizza and then tour downtown Chicago! It was a long and enjoyable day, but such a great bonding experience for all of us! More pictures will be headed your way soon! Keep us in your prayers for tomorrow for our mission work begins! 

Allison Goodwin 

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