Monday, February 29, 2016

Nick Cleans Up

Let's get real here team, Chicago is quite the destination. So many places to see and people to meet, it can be incredibly overwhelming at times. After spending time downtown yesterday, as well as some in our group having their first experiences with true Chicago-style deep dish pizza, we barely even scratched the surface of what this city has to offer. But let's pull back the layer of luxuries and observe the reality of the community we are committed to serving while we continue our time here. 

Today I had the pleasure of traveling with my friends Fr. Bill, Allison, Miranda, and Beth to rake the leaves at a Harm Reduction Facility for those that have HIV. Yes, you heard that right, we raked leaves. Although this seems like a simple task, the people we interacted with is what truly made the day. Being in this low-income area, with rival gangs just around the corner, our little adventure was a lot more than just raking leaves. It was about serving a group of people who are in a tough situation. Even something as simple as raking leaves can make make a difference. Yes, the lawn is neater. And yes, nobody else now has to take the time out of their day to complete such tasks. But was this really about raking leaves? No. This was about being there. This was clearly seen by the enthusiasm and sincerity of whom we serve. So let's get real here, Chicago is quite the place to rake leaves.

All the best,

Nick Hudak

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