Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday - Back to ministry

Tuesday we woke up to a frosty morning of freezing rain and a mad search for windshield scrapers in our rental vans (there were none) and a good job improvised ice removal.  We switched ministry placement with the group that went to the soup kitchen going to the Alexian Brothers home and the group that did the yard work for the Brothers' going over to help Ernest in the kitchen.

Gigi and Kayla were helping to clean the Risk Reduction Center, getting an empty room ready for a new occupant.  While Chelsea and Maggie cleaned stairwells and elevators.


Miranda, Allison, Beth and Nick helped out in the soup kitchen.  They joined James and Enrest and a group of volunteers from Mt. Carmel High School.  Learning from yesterday's team, they let the high school boys do the piles of onions while they did the salad, fruit and soup for the lunch.

The group was in time to serve both breakfast and lunch to the guests at Kenwood United Church of Christ.

There is nothing that offends Fr. Bill like a dull knife.  He wasn't at the soup kitchen long but dedicated his effort to sharpening the box of knives and staying out of everybody's way.

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