Saturday, March 5, 2016

Communities Equal Love!

This mission trip has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We are all so blessed to be able to experience memories like this. God granted us with hands to help those in need. From a Spiritan view, we are called to help those who are in need and marginalized. I can truly say that we have definitely shown that help through the communities we helped serve this past week. Starting the trip, we all began as friendly faces we passed along on A-Walk, and now we are leaving as a family. The communities we served helped bring us together. Starting off the trip in Chicago, we assisted at an HIV rehab center and a soup kitchen. I honestly cannot tell you what my favorite part was in Chicago. I loved helping their community, lending them a helping hand, and giving them a break from their everyday lives. Moving on to Dayton, we began working within the school right away! This was my dream come true sense I am an Early Childhood Education major. The smile on all of these students' faces was heartwarming. These students were all so sweet, smart, and so much fun! I enjoyed every second I spent within the school. I was so thrilled to find out we were helping with these students. Some of these students go home every day and go home to no one, busy parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. I felt so blessed to be able to spend time and lend a helping hand to these students. There was a fellowship with these students as we all helped them study for their state tests, and have fun and play games during their breaks. This made me want to become a teacher even more. I cannot wait to be in a classroom with students just like them and give them a lending hand, a smiling face, and arms wide open awaiting a hug! Overall, I had an amazing experience on this Urban Plunge Mission Trip in Chicago and Dayton! Yes we helped the communities, but personally, I believe that the communities helped us more. They taught us all about what a sense of community, how community means family, and how we do not need a lot of things in our life in order to be happy. Less is more and we are all blessed with the communities we grew up in, our campus community at Duquesne and the communities we meet on experiences such as this. Therefore I leave you with one last note, cherish everything you have in your life, we are truly blessed with the lives God granted us, therefore let us open up and share our skills with those around us and learn about new communities and love all of God's gifts! It's been real and thanks for following along with us on our memorable experience! Xoxo, Allison

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