Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cupcake bonanza

Hey cherished blog viewers, Gigi and Miranda here. As you know we finally made it into Dayton after five hours in the vehicle, a stop at Chick-fil-a as previously mentioned, and even a time zone change. The best part undoubtedly came from dinner. The more we are on our trip, the more we are able to observe the things around us. From the short time we spent in St. Benedict the Moor's school before we were beckoned to go shopping for dinner, we noticed how grateful these kids were just to have us as visitors. It's easy to get caught up in every day life, but just seeing these kids smile from getting homework help or something as simple as gym toys and the promise of a playground, it goes to show that we do really take the little things for granted. In order to keep the good spirit of the day going, comfort food that reminded us of home and raspberry filled cupcakes were DEFINITELY to end the day. However, the ambience team of Allie, Nick and Kayla could only find birthday napkins at their disposal, so we needed cause for celebration to fit the theme. It was determined that since my birthday was closest (April), the celebration was my fake birthday. With praise of Gigi, Father Bill and I's cooking and meticulously decorated cupcakes from Gigi and I in the books, we ended the night with the gang singing me Happy Birthday-well, faux-birthday according to Chelsea. I must say, it was overall quite a satisfying day just because of the little things. We are up early tomorrow to spend our first full day in Dayton with the kids at the school. More updates to come, internet friends..but my last piece of advice-don't forget the little things. 


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