Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A recipe for success: friends, food, and fun!

Building relationships with the members and community partners of the Spiritan parishes we are working with in Chicago and Dayton is an essential part of our mission this spring break.  But, equally important is building a community amongst ourselves and strengthening our Duquesne community. 

In addition to our daily service projects, we have been busy making three very important things: friends, food, and fun!  

In preparation for the trip, we had four group meetings which were heavy on logistics and information about the communities we will be working in. Now, we have all spent four whole days together--that's 96 hours! Nick says this is the most time he has spent surrounded by so many women and the "what?" moments just keep coming!!  Last night the crew went to an improv show at iO (improv Olympic) and had a great time--and an extra large dessert to wind down after!

Each night a different group has teamed up to make a special meal of their choice. Cooking has been a real treat for those still living in the dorms, and picking the meal AND dessert an even larger luxury. Tonight, Gigi, Miranda, and Father Bill are hard at work making Miranda's mom's special chicken and noodles with buttery mashed potatoes. Raspberry filled chocolate cupcakes are on the menu for dessert, and we have been promised they will not only be delicious but beautiful!

This evening we are already plotting to play mafia, uno and ninja. Stay tuned! 

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