Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Friday Friday

Hi Blog Readers -

St. Benedict the Moor School was closed today as the teachers had an in service day.  So we offered our help to the parish community. We headed over to the Parish hall first and left three of the group to help with the Friday Fish Fry.

Gigi, Chelsea and Beth in the kitchen

The fish fry at the parish is run by the Knights of St. Peter Claver and the Women's Auxiliary.  On the menu was Whiting or Talapia fish with baked beans, coleslaw and French fries and a huge selection of home baked cakes.  Beth, Chelsea and Gigi leaned the secrets of the fish batter spices but have sworn not to tell.

In the Church Beth and Allison took over the vacuuming while Kayla and Fr. Bill did the windows.  Maggie tackled the sacristy and took it upon herself to save some very wilted plants that needed to be trimmed and pampered.

Allison loves to vacuum.

Beth joined in the vacuum duties 

Gigi came over when the cooking slowed down and helped vacuum the pews

Chelsea took over the mopping from Maggie 

Loyal blog followers will see that Miranda isn't pictured today.  She wasn't feeling well and went back to the house early.  However, she rallied later in the afternoon to take on a Pinterest inspired dessert recipe and whipped up some edible cookie dough stuffed chocolate covered brownies.

We FaceTimed Nick during dessert so he could still be with us on the mission trip even though he was already back in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Great work this week done by all. I looked forward to your blog each day and watched how you all happily gave up your school break to serve others. Thank you for sharing with us. Be safe on your journey home and God bless...J ODonnnell