Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Fuller Heart!

Beth here! When faced with the task of reflecting on this week, I think that much of how I feel has been expressed already by my fellow mission trip friends. However, I have chosen to talk a little about something else I realized. I have been on 3 CCME's now and I have to say that the people on this trip have really inspired me and have made this week so enjoyable. Even so much so to the point where I really dread going to bed tonight and waking up to leave tomorrow. With such a small group we were really able to become a family. From singing in the car to BeyoncĂ© to cooking together every night as a family. I am not a cook so I really haven't had this many good meals while at school for a long time. I came into this trip only knowing Fr. Bill and Nick and I have come out with so many more friends who I know are going to change the world. It's really inspiring to be around these people. I treasure the motivation and comfort these people have given me. I hope to carry their enthusiasm and positive attitudes with me throughout the next phase of my life. I look forward to engaging more in the community through getting my Masters in Social Work and getting to work in my community in Pittsburgh. I'll never forget these guys!

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