Saturday, March 5, 2016

The kids are all grown up, and headed home!

It is our final night together and our newly formed friend-family is feeling a bit sentimental and sad to leave one another and our spring break bubble. Over the past week we have gone from near strangers to close friends and we all hope these bonds last, not just through the end of the school year but long into our lives. While we cannot possibly spend every minute together when we are back on campus, the lessons we learned this week will ever with us forever. 

These "kids" have once again renewed my faith in my fellow man by showing me, not just through words but through their actions and compassion, that the future is filled with hope. And love. 

Thank you, loyal blog readers, for sharing your loved ones. Not only with me, but with the world. 

All the best, 
"Grandma" Mags

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