Saturday, March 5, 2016

Focus on the now

Greetings from Gigi! There are too many moments in this mission trip to pinpoint one that describes our entitre experience. But this mission had taught and re-taught me some values in life that I intend and will try to keep with me for the years to come. It had made me come to realize concepts within and without the mission. One of them that stood out the most was to appreciate and live in the moment. Before the mission trip I thought we would be making more long-term impacts on the lives surrounding us, and we did but I loved how much we really focused on making a difference right now, right here. From the lovely people at the soup kitchen in Chicago to the loving students at St Benedict the Moor, they all taught me to appreciate the little moments in time; because in a way we did impact their future by influecing their present. The moments that were caught during this mission were also when there was a brief drive around the neighborhood of the school, it was clearly a neighborhood that was once thriving. As we drove around the blocks most of the houses were run down, borded up, caved in, with graffiti writing on several of them. It all seemed like a broken dream. It made me wonder how this town had reached this point and how it was once was. But then I remembered the enthusiasm and love the students had shown all of us and it absolutely warmed my heart that despite how little they had, in a way they did have everything. The morals, values, curiosity, intelligence, ambition, and the amount of the love they have to share will take them so far. So my point is not only to dwell on the past or feel rushed to see where the future takes you, but to really take in the moments happening right now and take the most out of them, and appreciate the people you have in your life without worrying if they'll stay, because they will always be a part of your history either way. So focus on the little things now and then, and stay gold. 

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