Saturday, February 27, 2016

Road Trip to Chicago

Hey all! Kayla here. Today marks our day of departure and arrival. Pictured above is our smiling group right before we embarked on our 7 hour journey through the hills of PA, the flats of Ohio, the farms of Indiana, the industrial area of Illinois, and into the great city of Chicago! You really get to learn a lot about the people you are with when you're trapped in a high-tech mini van for such a long period of time. In our car, we let Allison control the tunes for the majority of the trip, and she kept us entertained with sings we could jam out to. Later, Maggie educated us about the turn of the eighteenth century with the Hamilton soundtrack. We rolled into the city at the end of our trip with the classic "Chicago" by Frank Sinatra. Rumor has it that the other van listened to Afro dance which must have been an experience in itself. 
After we cook and eat dinner, we all plan to explore the lovely house and town we're blessed enough to call home for the next few days.
We're all looking forward to getting involved in the culture and community as we begin the service aspect of our trip in the next few days. More updates coming at you soon!

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