Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday at Ministry Sites

Happy Leap Day everyone. Allison's mom sent us all a message this morning saying that today was a "bonus day" and we were all to try something new on this bonus day so off we went to our ministry sites for the day.

Half the group went to the Kenwood United Church of Christ to help in the soup kitchen. 

They worked with Ernest in the kitchen and served breakfast to the guests before they were put on the chopping line.  They had to chop donated peppers and onions and bag them for the freezer for future use.  The peppers were the easy part of the day but the onions were the the real test.  In fact, the onion vapors got so bad they had to step out for breathers before heading back in for another round of chopping.  

Maggie, Gigi, Chelsea and Kayla then got the great idea to ask if they had a fan in the kitchen and ventilation was restored and onions got chopped.


Fr. Bill took Nick, Allison, Beth and Miranda to the Alexian Brother's AIDS Ministry house in South Chicago.  We were expecting to help paint but the maintenance person couldn't make it so we were asked to work outside cleaning the grounds.

It was cold and windy but the crew had a good sense of humour and attracted the job.  Nick is getting ready for a job interview back in Pittsburgh so the others decided to hold mock interview questions to get him ready.

We needed a treat for lunch so we went to the Mexican grocery store to pick up some fruit and were pleased to see so much tropical produce.

We feasted on ripe mangos for lunch.

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